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Thermal Power Plant | Custom Monument By Shemov 1.0.0

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About Thermal Power Plant | Custom Monument By Shemov

Thermal Power Plant is ready to go on any map, the puzzle needs a red card to get into the full loot.

We are pleased to present you the incredible monument "Thermal Power Plant" - a new place on the map that will add a huge amount of interest and opportunities to complete tasks and create unique strategies. This location is a huge abandoned Thermal Powerplant, which will become a key point on the server. Radiation and the multitude of hangars and houses, create a unique atmosphere and danger that evokes an exciting sense of adventurer. AND THAT'S NOT ALL! Thermal Power Plant hides a lot of resources that the player can use for their own purposes, improving their chances of survival in this difficult world. Everyone will find their share of action here!


  • Great detail;
  • Simple installing;
  • Optimized FPS;
  • There is radiation;
  • Huge sized monument;
  • There are 4 oil pumps.

General Info:

  • Prefabs count: ~6500;
  • Type: for looting;
  • Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology.


  • Oil barrels: 10;
  • Food box/crates: 10;
  • Barrels: 126;
  • Ordinary crates: 50;
  • Military crates: 3;
  • Elite crate 3;

Other works:

You may like to take a look at a full finished maps by myself. 

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