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Ski Resort + Santas Grotty 1217


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About Ski Resort + Santas Grotty

BAHH HUMBUG, Two monuments, if the Ski Resort is idea for using sleds on, head to the top get some loot and zoom down the slope right round the corner from Santa's Grotty where there are presents to get and buy for scrap.

The Ski resort is 800 in size and built on flat terrain so you will have minimal blending required
However due to the nature of the beast you will need to do some blending to make it look
as natural as you can. Make an area flat as you can in an area just shy of a 1K map, the monument itself
is not that large its the terrain and height map of the mountain its on that takes up the space

The Ski Lift can take you to the top of the Ski resort where you will find 5 holiday cabins and
the slope down, idea for sledging. The Ski Lift does not actually work but if you have
Colon Blows Trains plug in you can use that, i have seen it working and its not bad considering
its not its initial design.

Santa's Grotty (not grotto) is the place where Bad Santa lives, he taken all the loot from the
naughty door campers, naked murders, roof campers and griefers and stashed all the loot in his dirty
little grotty home. Santa's not home but the puzzle is a bit of a challenge and you will need help to
get it all.

You can also buy presents for scrap, just remember Santa is in it for his own gain.

Place the contents of the Loot Folder in the LootPresets folder wherever your RustEdit is installed
Place the contents of the Vending Folder in the VendingPresets folder wherever your RustEdit is installed
Place the other files in your usual prefab folder

Merry Christmas from Niko, Enjoy

If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord

[email protected]

Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.


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