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About Sailed Away

Custom Fishing Village with safe zone and PVP version.

Sailed Away is a custom fishing village with two versions – safe zone and PVP. Safe zone includes multiple vendors, recycler, repair bench, boat shopkeeper and other stuff.

Safe Zone version:

Safe zone version provides a safe place for trading with NPCs, players and buying boats. Has a first level workbench, three recyclers and repair bench. 

  • Building vendor: 1k stones for 50 scrap, 1k wood for 20 scrap, 250 metal frags for 25 scrap, 150 stones for 500 wood, 500 wood for 150 stones
  • Components vendor:  1 sheet metal for 30 scrap, 1 gear for 125 scrap, 1 metal spring for 60 scrap, 1 metal pipe for 30 scrap, 1 metal blade for 15 scrap, 1 rope for 30 cloth
  • Food vendor: 5 can of tuna for 10 scrap, 6 pickles for 1 scrap, 1 water jug for 1 scrap, 20 corn seed for 10 scrap
  • Scrap exchange vendor: 10 scrap for 15 corn, 10 scrap for 80 cloth, 3 scrap for 2 fertilizer, 10 scrap for 5 minnows
  • Fuel vendor: 20 low grade fuel for 15 scrap, 1 diesel fuel for 300 low grade fuel
  • Storage trader: 10 scrap for 1 diving mask, 25 scrap for diving tank, 15 scrap for 1 diving fins, 10 scrap for 1 wetsuit, 1 small oil refinery for 125 scrap, 1 large furnace for 350 scrap, 1 large solar panel for 75 scrap
  • Berry vendor: 1 scrap for 2x any berry
  • Traps vendor: 1 shotgun trap for 150 scrap, 1 flame turret for 250 scrap
  • Tea vendor: 1 mixing table for 175 scrap, 1 advanced healing tea for 25 scrap, 1 advanced ore tea for 100 scrap, 1 advanced wood tea for 75 scrap
  • Weapons vendor: 1 revolver for 200 scrap, 1 double barrel shotgun for 250 scrap, 1 semi-automatic pistol for 300 scrap

PVP Version:

PVP version doesn't have any vendors, NPCs and safe zone – it's just a pure water monument with two puzzles, loot and some barrels. Includes some lighting tweaks to minimize performance impact. 

Video guide:



Green Keycard Puzzle:

  • 3 normal crates
  • 2 medical crates
  • 1 military crate

Blue Keycard Puzzle:

  • 4 normal crates
  • 3 military crates
  • 1 medical crate
  • 1 food crate
  • Red Keycard

Outer Area (no keycard required):

  • 2 normal crates
  • 1 military crate
  • 1 food crate
  • 1 vehicle parts crate

Water Pump station:


Both versions also got a nice building with a water pump, allowing you to automatically farm water. Fill the fuel into a generator, activate it and then flip the switch to launch the pump machine. 

Installation Notes:

  • Please ensure to install vending profiles in your RustEdit folder (%root RustEdit folder% -> VendingPresets), otherwise safe zone will appear in-game with broken vendors. 
  • Both versions require RustEdit Oxide extension to function as intended.


  • Water Pump doesn't work if it stays on a River topology. Water below that building must be salty.
  • If puzzles doesn't work please ensure you're running latest Rust and Oxide versions, RustEdit extension is up to date and you haven't messed around with .sav file of your map since this can make some things buggy, especially IO stuff.
  • If card readers disappear then you're using an outdated RustEdit oxide extension.
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