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About Projekt Ikarus II



Projekt Ikarus is a beached Nazi research and transport ship headed by Dr. Wagner D. Grosse. The ship is surrounded in a thick fog and radiation field. Ikarus II's original purpose was to transport multiple V2 rockets filled with deadly gas across the Atlantic Ocean to an unknown launch facility. The true reason behind the ship's failure is unknown (likely bombed by the British somewhere around 1943).

Cobalt discovered the ship merely weeks ago, washed up on the shore. A chem-haz unit consisting of 5 members, code name, Scout, was deployed onto site-34. Here is a radio transmission from Scout Actual:

"This is Scout Actual to Control, initially we have detected large amounts of radiation, recommending hazmat suits of level A be worn at all times when at least 250 meters from the site. RS-5267 has been sent into the ship while we continue to survey the lands over"


Similar to Launch site the ship is engulfed in a high level or radiation, needing a hazmat suit and some form of anti-rad to enter. The ship has a small two switch puzzle and requires a red access keycard to enter the laboratory which has 3 elite crates. 4 scientists can be located outside the ship, surveying the grounds.


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