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Burial Mound by Niko [HDRP] HD0627


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About Burial Mound by Niko [HDRP]

Thanks for purchasing this HDRP Update of BURIAL MOUND

This based on the old English burial mounds found in the UK. The final home of a once great Rust King. You will find the monument home to ghosts and traps. You will find treasure inside, a parkour room, tunnels and a general sense of dread as you can hear the scarecrows but not always see them coming.

Due to HDRP, this monument had to be completely reworked from the ground up, in doing so the layout has changed, the traps are new, you have darts coming from the walls (Auto Turrets with Nail Gun) you have triggered fire traps that auto switch off, sliding doors that are time locked and the return of the flame turrets hidden in the walls. The original underwater pools are here as well as one way systems and a ton more scarecrows. You will need to bring with you plenty of meds and for some of the journey you will need 
to make sure you are full health.

Full instructions are included with the readme file

If you have any problems you can contact me as follows


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