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RDC HDRP Ark The Island Custom Map by Pravum 1.8.3


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About RDC HDRP Ark The Island Custom Map by Pravum

The Island is a 3k custom map and optimally designed for PVE. PVP is also possible. The map consists almost exclusively of Costom Monuments. The map was created from a heighmap of "ARK-The Island". Custom Monuments are for example: Broken Excavator, The Castle, Modified Bridge (original by Shaddar), Small Harbour,  The Bunker, The Castle, The Prison, Helipad and any more

Also avalaible here : https://rust-custom-designs.biz for €
Join our Discord     https://discord.gg/Wx2tUFg

a lot of custom monuments

broken excavator

the bunker



small harbour

and many more

requires  oxide & oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll



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