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Project "Launch Site" | Custom Map By Shemov 1.3

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About Project "Launch Site" | Custom Map By Shemov

The custom map "Project Launch Site" offers a unique and immersive gaming experience in Rust. Featuring a variety of rivers suitable for all types of water transport, farms, Launch Site, and meticulously designed landscapes, the map is rich in unique and interesting monuments. It includes all the necessary monuments for additional plugins, Train Stations for the Train Homes plugin, ready configs for Better NPC plugin, metro areas for player settlements, underwater zones for sulfur, metal, and stone mining, and intriguing locations for base building in caves. This map is perfect for launching a new server, as it offers numerous features to keep players engaged and has a small size, allowing for more frequent PVP encounters and increased player interactions on PVE servers.


  • Map size: 2500;
  • Prefabs count: ~16K;
  • Compatible with BetterNPC plugins (Config for bots in the map file) & Train Homes ( 1 stations for plug-in );
  • Double-track surface railway with a lots entrances to the metro with separate branches for spawn trains;
  • Underground railway;
  • Custom places for building in the subway (XU on the minimap);
  • A lot of bridges ( The tugboat passes );
  • Custom Iceberg spots to build a base (X);
  • A large number of rivers, tugboats and other water transport can pass to any point on the map;
  • Designed custom monuments in sufficient quantity for a comfortable game;
  • Custom building sites (X on the minimap);
  • Underwater farm zones (O on the minimap);
  • Underwater Laboratory;
  • Ziplines.

Custom monuments:

  • Arid Settlement;
  • Rebel Settlement;
  • Train Stations (For Train Homes Plugin) ;
  • A lots custom places to build a base. ( "X"/"XU" on map );
  • Underwater farm zones ( "O" on map ).


  • Combined Outpost;
  • Launch Site;
  • The Dome;
  • PowerPlant;
  • JunkYard;
  • Harbor;
  • Airfield;
  • Arctic Research Base;
  • Desert Military Base;
  • Ferry Terminal;
  • Large fishing village 
  • Oxum`s Gas Station;
  • Abandoned supermarket;
  • Fishing villages;
  • Lighthouses;
  • Satellite Dish;
  • Nuclear Missile Silo;
  • Water Treatment Plant;
  • Train Yard;
  • Giant Excavator Pit;
  • Underwater labs
  • Underground railway;
  • Quarries(HQM,Stone, Sulfur);
  • Large oilrig;
  • Oilrig.

My Discord: shemov

A password is attached to the map. You can edit it.

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