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About Mallorca by MaLai

The Map is updated for the new Trainyard Monument!

Beach, Sun and the Ocean!
Welcome to Mallorca!

Now you can visit one of the most popular Holiday Islands in Rust!
You will find wonderfull places like the Beach Club or the Houseboats where you can chill with you friends and have a great time or dangerous places like the Scientist Headquarter where the Bradley awaits you or a Double Oilrig connected to the Island via a bridge!

Mallorca have also a fully working Railway with Costum made Train Stations and a fully working underground Train Network. 
Also Ibiza can be found as a small Island in the South of Mallorca!

Everything is made with love from me and my Girlfriend! 
Since its a rebuild of Mallorca there is no snow but a huge and nice mountain landscape with some additional lakes and a river!

Mapsize: 5000
Editable: Yes, the Map comes with the password!

Costum Monuments:

  • Hagrids Home
  • Beach Club
  • Houseboats
  • Double Oilrig
  • Scientist Headquarter (Bradley)
  • MaLai's Gas Station
  • MaLai's Supermarket
  • Junkpark
  • Train Stations
  • Bank (can be used with and without the Bankheist Plugin)
  • Berghuette

Facepunch Monuments:

  • Mining Outpost
  • Lighthouse
  • Setellite Dish
  • Small Harbor
  • Large Harbor
  • Launch Site
  • Airfield
  • Trainyard
  • Water Treatment
  • Military Tunnel
  • Dome
  • Bandit Camp
  • Outpost
  • Large Fishing Village
  • Large Barn
  • Excavator
  • Military Base
  • Small Oilrig
  • Large Oilrig
  • Underwater Lab

If you need any support you can always contact us via Discord: MatzeXX#3016

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