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COBALT : ECOLOGICAL DISASTER | Custom map by Shemov 1.33

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Works correctly in this version of the game

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About COBALT : ECOLOGICAL DISASTER | Custom map by Shemov

Welcome to COBALT Island, the site of an environmental disaster related to oil production. There used to be life here, abandoned houses and dilapidated roads indicate that this place was inhabited not so long ago. But after new sources of oil were found, the workers left, and the island was abandoned.

And you know what? This is the perfect place to test your skills and survival to the limit!

You will launch your own base, assemble your team and fight for survival among the oil pools and beaches, where even just survival becomes a challenge. But don't panic – our team has done everything possible so that you can enjoy your victories and travel around the island.

So what are you waiting for? Join COBALT and catch your place among the best survivors!


  • Underwater farm zones ( "O" on minimap );
  • Railways and railway stations;
  • Underground Rail tunnels;
  • A lot custom monuments and places on the map;
  • A lot custom places to build a base on map ( "X" on minimap );
  • Custom oilrigs;
  • Underwater Labs;
  • Ziplines;
  • Map size is 2500;
  • Prefabs count : ~30k.

Custom monuments:

  • PLATFORM A( Large size monument, large custom oilrig;
  • PLATFORM B;( Medium size monument, custom oilrig on the ground );
  • PLATFORM C; (Large size monument, custom unfinished oilrig + oil refinery )
  • Large garages; (Medium size monument)
  • Garages; (Small size monument)
  • Abandoned military base; (Small size monument)
  • Triton railway station; (Small size monument)
  • Abandoned settlement; (Small size monument)
  • Industrial warehouse; (Small size monument)
  • Pumpjacks; (Small size monument)
  • A lots custom places to build a base.


  • Outpost;
  • Bandit camp;
  • The Dome;
  • Satellite dish;
  • Abandoned supermarket;
  • Warehouse;
  • Harbor;
  • Large fishing village;
  • Fishing village;
  • Ranch;
  • Large barn;
  • Lighthouses;
  • Underwater labs;
  • Underground railway;
  • Large oilrig;
  • Oilrig.

My Discord: shemov#6310

A password is attached to the map. You can edit it.

It works on the current version of RUST. 06.08.22

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