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Castaway (HDRP) HDRP_V2.1


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About Castaway (HDRP)

Welcome to a beautiful island dubbed Castaway.  This map brings a unique Resort where everyone in the family has something to do like gather around a camp fire, BBQ fish or even gamble.  Continue down and you will see in the distant our Renewable energy attempt with a solar power farm.  Be careful the road you take as you may find yourself in the middle of a secret bandit camp that may or may not be abandoned.  This map is a 5k and has a different theme throughout the map with a derailment that vagrants took advantage of and made a home of a box car, or ice burgs that house a special Easter egg only the observant can pick out.

This map has customer buildable caves, only the adventurous will find, or place your base in a landlocked barge, or my many pit spots found throughout.



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