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As this is a Harmony mod you need to place the EarlyQ.dll file in HarmonyMods folder

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About EarlyQ (Early Queue)


EarlyQ allows players to join prematurely the server while it is still starting.
By default the server needs to fully start (which takes ~5 min, depends on map/specs) and after all that time its finally time for players to join, but they still have to wait warming prefabs & download the world.

EarlyQ optimizes the process of players joining & startup of the server and minimizes wait times because its splitting the work in parallel.



  • Allows players to load faster by initiating Asset Warmup as they are waiting for the server to start up!
  • The world data is sent to the player as soon as its ready, so when the server is ready they can join right away without waiting!
  • The steam server is started only after ~10 seconds when you launch the rust server! This means players can see it in the global server list even while it is loading!
  • Increases your server uptime metrics!
  • Custom messages that show the current loading progress of the server!
  • You can customize said messages

Demo (the demo is older & does not start loading the world after its ready, so im waiting a bit longer in the video. This is already implemented in EarlyQ)


Custom message

If you need to customize the message your players get when waiting for the server, you have to specify the message as a launch option on the server

+earlyq.topmsg - What text to show as the top message
+earlyq.botmsg - What text to show as the bottom message, additionally you can insert the server startup progress as a variable with: {progress}

+earlyq.topmsg_ready - What text to show as the top message when the user is waiting at Warming Prefabs
+earlyq.botmsg_ready - What text to show as the bottom message when the user is waiting at Warming Prefabs

Default messages (Example):
+earlyq.topmsg "PLEASE WAIT"
+earlyq.botmsg "STARTUP PROGRESS: {progress}"

+earlyq.topmsg_ready "YOU ARE READY"
+earlyq.botmsg_ready "WAITING FOR THE SERVER"


As this is a Harmony mod you need to place the EarlyQ.dll file in HarmonyMods folder, after that restart the server. (do not use harmony.load command with EarlyQ!)

EarlyQ works for Linux & Windows

EarlyQ works with the newest networking update

EarlyQ works with RakNet and SteamNetworking


Facepunch confirmed this Harmony mod is not allowed on official servers, if you want to use it on official, do it at your own risk.



You can contact me on discord: turner1337

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