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Not getting email notifications for file updates


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I'm pretty sure I have the settings correct in the notification settings section. I have the dropdown selected for email. But I also have notification list as well. I made sure to go to each page and select send me version updates. But for some reason that option gets removed and I have to go back and select it again. This doesn't happen to all the plugins/assets. Just random ones. I think it happens after I file gets an update. Not positive though.

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I've got browser notifications activated as well as watching the discord updates feed. My only other email is a gmail account which is a festering cesspool of spam. I only keep it because it's my play store account. I'll just wait to see if there's a fix for live and watch the current options 🙂

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So I don't know if this is just me. But I'm still having issues with the version updates. But now it's the button for "Send me version update" constantly unchecking itself. It's totally random if it will stay active or not. For example aMAZEingPro updated last night. I had it set to send me updates. But I only knew because if the discord. So I clicked the button again. I saw the new update today so I went to the website. It was deactivated yet again. So I activated it again. Just checked it again. It's inactive.

Is the button really needed  if you have a follow button? Just have the version updates tied into following the plugin. That's how most websites handle it. Unless that's not how the template works on here. But maybe you can tweak it to do that? 

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@Death So apparently this is just with certain products. I just can't stay active on keeping updated. I'll click the button. And it basically tells me to piss off and I have to watch the discord feed. I've since moved from live to proton. So I'm getting any email that is being sent. But now I'm stuck with this issue. I mean the discord is great. But sometimes things get lost in the flood.

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Hey there. So this is still a thing. I'll have pages set to receive version updates. I'll refresh the page to make sure because sometimes it doesn't stick and I'll have to activate it again and refresh to make sure that time worked. I'll even come back to the page later on and make sure it's still activated. So some time will pass. I'll scroll back through the discord feed and see there was an update. Or two. Or I'll check the plugin/assets page (sort by>recently updated) and I'll see that there's been updates and a decent number of the version update buttons have been deactivated.

I have no idea what's going on here if it's on my end.

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