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  1. So I did actually find a bug. Well a conflict. Calling hook CanLootPlayer resulted in a conflict between the following plugins: PreventLooting - False (Boolean), RusterNET (True (Boolean)) It makes sleepers lootable. The message spams in chat that you can't loot (which isn't normal). And you can go right into their inventory. If I unload the plugin the protection works again.
  2. Had this pop up in the chat feed today. I guess it's been an ongoing thing. It may be related to FirearmModifier. Though I don't have any health alterations set. And from what they say it's only happening in the zone.
  3. This map Last spawn location was E2 along the shore. And to clarify, I'm still using the umod release. I plan to update to the codefling release either tonight or tomorrow during the server restart.
  4. One of the smaller bases keeps spawning partly underground. It seems to be in the snow mostly that the problem happens. From what you say it means the base was copied from an incorrect height. I keep having to babysit this raid when players start it. And I am running the latest update.
  5. I have "Allow PVP": false, and "PVP Delay": 0.0, set. But it's showing the event as PVP and giving the DoomAndGloom chat response. So basically nobody is participating in the events. I don't know if this is a bug or I'm setting something wrong.
  6. Also a request. I use a plugin that activates slots 7 and 8 to put a planner and hammer in them. Is it possible to make it so this plugin ignores those slots?
  7. Failed to call hook 'OnPlayerSleep' on plugin 'Hotbars v1.0.2' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) at Oxide.Game.Rust.Cui.CuiHelper.DestroyUi (BasePlayer player, System.String elem) [0x00035] in <68212d1b4e3749dc841d4cc27391f878>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.Hotbars.DestroyGUI (BasePlayer player) [0x00000] in <24c767516106490cb437845c374f36ad>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.Hotbars.OnPlayerSleep (BasePlayer player) [0x00000] in <24c767516106490cb437845c374f36ad>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.Hotbars.DirectCallHook (System.String name, System.Object& r
  8. I was just looking at the photo in the description section and it just shows the wallet. Not a wallet and balance. Didn't realize there was going to be an extra step. Figured it was just going to go right into your balance.
  9. Possible bug. In the marketplace when using RP it shows Wallet: 0 RP - RP: whateverbalanceyouhave Also possible I have a setting messed up somewhere.
    As stated. This is the best. A must have for every PVE server. I was trying so hard to get something like this made for maybe a year. Asking devs if they could do it (for pay of course). Best response I got was "That's a good idea". Well yeah it's a good idea lol. So glad someone finally made it. When it came up in the discord feed I was on it within the minute and haven't had a single regret. Players are using resources and components. They have to repair their gear and make more. It's perfect. And if you wanted you could even increase the brutality of your server and make things br
    I use a lot of "custom items" on my server. And I like to be able to add my own. I've been uploading my icons through steamcmd this whole time. This piece of software is worth every cent. It's all click n run. Nothing complicated to it at all. Just make sure that your image is 512x512 for the upload or it won't work. I wasn't paying attention and kept trying to use an incorrect sized image and thought the program was broken.
    Admin troll tool during the month. Put in the store and sold as a player disarming weapon during the purge. 100% worth it.
    Put it on the server and didn't tell anybody about the addition in the server updates. Someone typed something. Something happened and there was much wtf. They're still trying to find all the emotes and use it in their daily conversation as a default part of the server. They also use it to screw with the new guy.
  10. Thank you. I'll double check and make sure it's not caused by antitrackers/adblocklers.
  11. @Death So apparently this is just with certain products. I just can't stay active on keeping updated. I'll click the button. And it basically tells me to piss off and I have to watch the discord feed. I've since moved from live to proton. So I'm getting any email that is being sent. But now I'm stuck with this issue. I mean the discord is great. But sometimes things get lost in the flood.

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