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  1. console getting spammed with this same NRE lately.
  2. quietconundrum

    problem me NoDecay

    +1 today's update is spamming the console due to new vehicle entities
  3. My configured Botspawn NPC scientists at Military Tunnels, the ones external to the tunnel that roam around outside, seem to spawn beneath the terrain and fire at players from underground. I had a player report this behavior to me and went and observed it with him. I have 6 configured bots that are supposed to be outside miltuns, and until recently, they've behaved normally. Now, I only ever see 1 or 2 and the rest are below the terrain. If you get near the invisible ones, you start getting shot from underneath, and you might see the top of a head sticking up through the ground, then they eventually pop up and become visible as the engagement continues. Any reports of this behavior from others or ideas as to why it may be happening?
  4. Completely understandable, just wanted to give both usability and aesthetic feedback when I discovered these issues. Thank you for the quick response.
  5. I received an email notification for a public question that was posted to a project I follow (BotSpawn plugin). I don't want to be notified when people ask questions, only when an update to the project has been posted or when replies are posted to content that I have created. I don't see a setting in the notification settings to disable alerts regarding "Questions" — Please advise. Also, you have markup showing in your answer previews on the Questions tab of a project. I'm not allowed to attach an image, so here is the visible body of an author reply preview to a question: A: "Hi,<br /> Most likely your entries for 'Kits' aren't formatted correctly.<br /> <br /> From the plug ...Read More"

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