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  1. Death


    @Sparker please provide the full error. You can find it in your server's log file.
  2. Death


    Drag the two items together.
  3. Death

    Item Skinning - Money?

    Yes, it's possible. You could technically use any item and just change its skinid, however, you wouldn't be able to change the description. Notes are often used for physical currency though.
  4. Any plugin you can use to send commands to a player would work. You'd just need to do your own markdown to get the format how you want it. var formattedString = $"<size=30>Welcome to my Server</size>\n\n<color=#000000>Blah...blah...blah</color>\mDiscord: blah": player.SendConsoleCommand($"echo {formattedString}");
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will delete all instances of PhotoEntity that has a null imageData, resolving the Photo has no image! console spam. Icon by @SawyerWD
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will only allow players to use gestures if their hands are empty. This is a temp fix to address the no recoil exploit for Rust.
  7. Since the original file is unlicensed, I'm unable to send an edited version. However, I can share a snippet of code shared by MJSU sometime ago. It's not tested, so I'm unsure if this makes it any better. The real issue is how the zoom level of maps fluctuates, so accurately calculating grids is a bit touchy now of days. private string GetGridPosition(Vector3 pos) { const float gridCellSize = 146.3f; int maxGridSize = Mathf.FloorToInt(World.Size / gridCellSize) - 1; float halfWorldSize = World.Size / 2f; int xGrid = Mathf.Clamp(Mathf.FloorToInt((pos.x + halfWorldSize) / gr
  8. @TenayaMasai That's a different plugin. That's for InstantSmelt which is not one of my plugins. This support section is for SmeltOnGather which I believe is the same thing?
  9. @Bumfuzzler This works with both beds and sleeping bags. I'm also certain it works with beach towels as well as they're treated as a sleeping bag. Hope this helps.
  10. Death


    @Butler Make sure you do not have an m32 launcher or rocket launcher in your kits. I believe flame throwers might cause this error as well.
  11. Death


    @Maelep It's a base builder/planner called Fortify. It's available on Steam.
  12. @Bumfuzzler For files with renewals, you pay the base price which includes 6 months of updates (or however long the renewal is for.) After it expires, you'll no longer be able to download new updates until the renewal is paid. I hope this answers your questions
  13. Death


    @Bumfuzzler We're working on expanding our API to allow for developers to implement our services in a similar way. Won't be too much longer.
  14. Death

    Plugin not working

    Changed Status from Closed to Can't Reproduce Changed Fixed In to 1.0.1
  15. Death

    Plugin not working

    Everything seems to be fine on my end. Make sure to grant the permission or disable the permission in the config.
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