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  1. Death

    Lost Factory

    @CinnamonWaffle Do you have the RustEdit extension installed?
  2. Death


    @Method The plugin doesn't handle the removal of BPs because there's no way of knowing which BPs were given to them and which they learned themselves. This is something I could potentially implement sometime in the future.
  3. Changed Status from No Response to Work in Progress
  4. I was unable to reproduce this issue. How often does this happen and does it happen on startup or reload?
  5. Changed Status from Closed to Work in Progress
  6. We're having issues with Hotmail/Live at the moment. We're working on resolving the issue, in the meantime, try changing your email or receiving push notifications instead.
  7. @thepiercedweirdo What email provider ae you using? Also, tickets close automatically if no response is given by a timeframe set by the author. It's typically 2 days.
    The creativity and amount of detail here is astonishing. This is a must have for Halloween decoration!
  8. Do you need the extension for loot crates to spawn correctly? They seem to be respawning within seconds.
  9. Changed Status from Closed to Pending
  10. @DirtyPixelsIt auto closes if no response. I've re-opened the issue.
  11. Wow, is that even Rust???
  12. @padington_bear I can relate. I still know nothing of electrical and modular vehicles lol
  13. Please see the Important section in the details. I plan to improve and expand the functionality of the plugin very soon, but lack the free time at this second so it does exactly as requested.
  14. Death

    Full Repair

    Version 1.0.0


    A simple plugin that disables max condition loss, the red bar items receive when repaired. More features are coming soon. Important The plugin will not change existing items, so if you install the plugin while your server is running, old items will be unaffected. Rebooting your server after installation will apply the changes to existing items. Permissions Permissions are planned and not yet implemented. Icon by @SawyerWD
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