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About A 5x Server

We understand the complexities of server management and have designed a package that not only caters to players but also streamlines your admin experience, giving you more time to focus on building a thriving community. Experience enhanced gameplay and streamlined administration with the following features:

  • Effortless Implementation: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual setup – your server will be fully configured with all the necessary commands automatically in no time! A simple drag and drop is all it takes to fully set up your server, ready to roll with a suite of optimized commands. 
  • Optimized Balancing: We know the importance of balance in attracting and retaining players. Our 5x server is equipped with a carefully tuned custom loot table that ensures exciting challenges and rewarding gameplay for your community.
  • Time-Efficient Gameplay: Time is precious, and our server respects that. With 5x crafting, recycling, and resource gathering speeds, you're offering your players a fast-paced Rust experience that keeps them engaged and motivated to progress.
  • Strategic Engagement: Differentiate your server with strategic spawning. Our random spawn points place players near valuable monuments, adding a layer of tactical depth to their adventures.
  • Admin Empowerment: As a server owner, your administrative tasks are simplified. Players automatically gain authorization for essential elements like auto turrets, doors, and Tool Cupboards. Blueprint sharing is effortless, and auto code locks enhance the user experience.
  • Unique Player Expression: We value player individuality. With the "/skin" command, your users can flaunt their personal style by applying Rust skins to their items, fostering a sense of ownership and identity. NO NEED TO BUY SKINBOX!
  • Efficient Moderation: Administering your server is a breeze with our integrated admin tools. Vanish and radar functionalities help you ensure fair play and address issues promptly, maintaining a healthy gaming environment.
  • Seamless Trading: Nurture a thriving economy within your community using the "/trade" command. Players can effortlessly trade resources, strengthening bonds and enhancing the overall experience.
  • 24/7 Daylight: Eliminate the challenges of nighttime gameplay with perpetual daylight. Your players can explore, engage, and strategize without the hindrance of darkness.
  • Enhanced Communication: Foster a positive community atmosphere with our auto-moderator chat. Inappropriate language is automatically filtered, promoting respectful interactions among players.

Elevate your server ownership journey today! Our pre-configured server solution empowers you with the tools to provide an immersive, balanced, and feature-rich Rust experience for your community. Leave the technicalities to us and focus on what truly matters – cultivating a thriving gaming haven that players will call home. Your server's potential starts here!


No need to set up any permissions/groups/etc. It will be done automatically.


This package is constantly updating with new feature as per buyers request and do not expect any sale on this package.


*Links to plugins are provided from where you can download them
PLUGINS ARE NOT INCLUDED, but this is what you will have as an idea:

• Admin Tools

• AutoModerator chat (Auto mute for saying naughty words)

• Shared Blueprints (For team)

• Better Loot (5x Loot table)

• Blueprints (T0 & T1 unlocked)

• Crafting Controller (5x speed)

• Smelting (5x speed and no burnt food)

• Gather Manager (5x gather)

• Kits (Auto kit)

• Random Spawn locations

• Automatic Authorization (Turrets, codelocks, TCs, etc.)

• Teleportation (Outpost/Bandit/Player) 

• Block Teleportation (Cancels tps when takes damage or raid blocked)

• Always Day

• Automatic code locks

• Extended Workbench (Can craft as far as 5 meters away from the base)

• Furnace splitter (for everyone)

• Trade (for everyone)

• Skins (for everyone) (3000+ skins are pre-generated and NO need to buy skinbox) 

*Links to plugins are provided

For any additional help write me back to: FlushedFiber8#6446

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