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About A 2x Server

Are you tired of spending countless hours setting up and configuring your Rust server? Look no further than my pre-configured Rust server package. With easy plug-and-play installation, you'll be up and running in no time, with a perfectly balanced 2x server that is sure to provide hours of fun for you and your friends including automatic permissions and group creation. You won't need to worry about giving any permissions or creating any groups - it will all be done for you automatically, without you having to lift a finger (or almost).

What is this server about:

My server configuration includes a range of features designed to enhance the gameplay experience. Upon respawn, players will be automatically granted a basic kit, making it easier to jump back into the action. Trading and teleportation between players and outposts/bandit camps has also been enabled, adding a new level of convenience to the game. Players can also access almost ALL rust SKINS with /skin command.

Looting has been made much more rewarding with a perfectly balanced 2x loot table, ensuring that players won't regret looting monuments and other locations. Gathering resources has also been turned up to 2x, making it easier to acquire the materials you need to survive. Furnace and smelting speeds have been doubled, as has crafting speed, making it easier to create the items you need to stay ahead.

In addition to these features, I've also implemented a furnace splitter to ensure resources are evenly distributed, and increased stack sizes by 2x to prevent the economy from being broken. All players will receive Tier 0 and 1 Blueprints, and junk has been removed from barrels and other containers, ensuring a smooth and streamlined gameplay experience.

Lastly, my server configuration also offers admins the ability to track who placed each entity, making it easier to manage and monitor gameplay. For added convenience, a radar has also been enabled, allowing admins to quickly spot players and take action as necessary.


No need to set up any permissions/groups/etc. It will be done automatically.


This package is constantly updating with new feature as per buyers request and do not expect any sale on this package.

PLUGINS ARE NOT INCLUDED, but this is what you will have as an idea:

• Admin Tools

• AutoModerator chat (Auto mute for saying naughty words)

• Better Loot (2x Loot table)

• Blueprints (T0 & T1 unlocked)

• Crafting Controller (2x speed)

• Smelting (2x speed and no burnt food)

• Gather Manager (2x gather)

• Kits (Auto kit)

• Teleportation (Outpost/Bandit/Player) 

• Night (1 min long)

• Extended Workbench (Can craft as far as 5 meters away from the base)

• Furnace splitter (for everyone)

• Trade (for everyone)

• Skins (for everyone) (3000+ skins are pre-generated and NO need to buy skinbox) 

*Links to plugins are provided

For any additional help write me back to: FlushedFiber8#6446

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