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About A 3x Server

Pre-configured Rust server package, designed to simplify the setup and management of your Rust server. Experience enhanced gameplay and streamlined administration with the following features:

  • Easy setup: Our plug-and-play installation process saves you time and effort in configuring your Rust server.
  • Balanced 3x server: Enjoy a well-balanced gameplay experience with 3x loot, gathering, and crafting speeds.
  • Automated features: Permissions, group creation, and entity tracking are automated, eliminating manual setup.
  • Random spawn points: Players are spawned randomly across the map, adding variety to each session.
  • Teleportation convenience: Users can teleport to outpost and bandit camp locations, as well as to other players for easy coordination.
  • Restricted teleportation: Teleportation is blocked if the player is raid blocked, under attack, or taking any damage, ensuring fair gameplay.
  • Team authorization: Players in the same team are automatically authorized in all turrets, doors, and Tool cupboards.
  • Enhanced looting and Loot Table: Discover a rewarding experience with improved loot containers and valuable resources.
  • Access to Rust skins: Use the "/skin" command to access a wide range of Rust skins for customization. NO NEED TO BUY SKINBOX!
  • Admin tools: Take control with features like radar for player detection and efficient management of gameplay such as vanish.

Experience a streamlined and engaging Rust server experience with our pre-configured package, designed to save you time and provide endless hours of fun for you and your friends.


No need to set up any permissions/groups/etc. It will be done automatically.


This package is constantly updating with new feature as per buyers request and do not expect any sale on this package.

PLUGINS ARE NOT INCLUDED, but this is what you will have as an idea:

• Admin Tools

• AutoModerator chat (Auto mute for saying naughty words)

• Better Loot (3x Loot table)

• Blueprints (T0 & T1 unlocked)

• Crafting Controller (3x speed)

• Smelting (3x speed and no burnt food)

• Gather Manager (3x gather)

• Kits (Auto kit)

• Random Spawn locations

• Automatic Authorization (Turrets, codelocks, TCs, etc.)

• Teleportation (Outpost/Bandit/Player) 

• Block Teleportation (Cancels tps when takes damage or raid blocked)

• Night (1 min long)

• Extended Workbench (Can craft as far as 5 meters away from the base)

• Furnace splitter (for everyone)

• Trade (for everyone)

• Skins (for everyone) (3000+ skins are pre-generated and NO need to buy skinbox) 

*Links to plugins are provided

For any additional help write me back to: FlushedFiber8#6446

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