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Sky Bases 20+ | RaidableBases 1.0.3

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About Sky Bases 20+ | RaidableBases

*Project Sky Bases*

Looking for a challenge in Rust? Check out our raidable sky bases with traps! Our expertly designed bases will put your raiders skills to the test while offering an exhilarating gaming experience. With a variety of traps and obstacles in each base, you'll need to use your wits and strategy to successfully raid and loot. Don't settle for basic bases - take your gaming to the next level with our raidable sky bases. 

easy to add in F1 instructions are in the Read me 

22 Raidable Sky Bases

 rb.config add sky-easy "sky-Easy1" "sky-Easy2" "sky-Easy3" "sky-Easy4"
 rb.config add sky-Medium "sky-Medium1" "sky-Medium2" "sky-Medium3" "sky-Medium4" "Sky-Medium5"
 rb.config add sky-Hard "sky-Hard1""sky-Hard2" "sky-Hard3" "sky-Hard4" "sky-Hard5" "sky-Hard6" "sky-Hard7"
 rb.config add sky-Nightmare "sky-NightMare1" "sky-NightMare2" "sky-NightMare3" "sky-NightMare4" "sky-NightMare5" "sky-NightMare6"

 added a Readme easy-steps Instructions

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