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Nightmare Bases By Apes (15 Pack) 1.0.0

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About Nightmare Bases By Apes (15 Pack)

About Nightmare Bases By Apes (15 pack)

Torture your players with these Nightmare bases that have death around every corner! Tons of sneaky traps and layouts guaranteed to make your players hate you! Hand crafted by the great SirApesALot these bases will leave your players running back naked over and over again, definitely not beginner friendly raids. All of these Nightmare raids cost 52-55 rockets to raid, but bring your skills (and grenades)! Because you will need every raiding trick in the book to conquer these.

In the "Bases" Folder you will find 15 Nightmare bases total that you can add to your servers Raidable Bases by Nivex.
Everyone of these torture chambers was created by me for my vanilla gather rate weekly server. These are best suited for servers that are more balanced loot wise, and a more advanced player base with experience raiding (beginners WILL rage quit). None of these are walk throughs, I have no mercy on my players....do you?

I recommend giving more satchels and C4 in the lower tier raids and limiting the amount of rockets given in the higher tier to increase the effectiveness of traps (rockets ruin everything lol) and players are more likely to blow themselves up with satchels which is always entertaining, and C4 is less damaging to traps

These are not simple raids for beginners, if they don't understand how to use twig and ladders to work around traps, drain traps, or know when to jab a med stick in their arm and push past a trap they will struggle. They also may never trust rugs or spiral stairs ever again!
But, they will laugh and feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a raid!

Additional 5 raids (so 20 in total) are included as a bonus in case you want to remove a raid or two or if an update would break a feature of one. 

Nightmare #16 of this pack is marked with an s in the file to remember to turn stability to "true" on that base if you have it false. It has a collapsing floor that requires it.
Near everything is skinned, some just to look pretty, some themed.
If upgrading or replacing doors be sure to check if a door controller is attached. 

The average raid cost in this pack is 52 -55 rockets to raid as currently configured.  

May be better suited as expert bases on servers with tons of boom in circulation and higher raid costs/longer wipe durations                                                                                       

Loot Tables: As said on Raidable Bases plugin you need your own loot tables.

All raids are tested on either Rustmode PvE or Planet of the Apes PvE.

If you have any questions feel free to stop in our discord (https://discord.gg/M228N2F79m), or if you would like to test our raids that can be arranged

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