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About SirApesALots Fun Pack

SirApesALots Fun Pack! 

Shooting Range, Colosseum, Fireworks Shows and More! 


SirApes Fun Pack is a set of awesome activities for you to run with/for your players when hanging out. It includes: A fully automated shooting range / gallery, that keeps score, determines the winner and unlocks the prize for them. A colosseum for up to 6 contestants equipped with door controls, automatic lights and a surprise for the winner. 3 Fireworks shows (20 stage- 10minute, 9 stage- 5 minute and a 5 stage 3 minute) and a Lantern Launcher. Just requires copy/paste to slap it down and have a great time! Great for smaller servers when hanging out with the guys/gals. 


Shooting Range / Gallery 

Got a couple chads arguing whose spray is better? Or just want to have some fun with players on your server? This Shooting Range might be for you! Once you pull the switch to activate the game, the doors randomly open every 7 seconds for a 2 second period. Automatically keeps score when a target is downed, declares a winner (set to end at 10 by default) sets off fireworks in their stall and automatically opens the doors to the prize room ending the game! 

Using the shooting range: Paste down the range, add guns and ammo to the boxes below the tables for participants (make sure to /share if you are a pve server with prevent looting), add prizes into the large boxes in the loot room (also /share if using prevent looting plug in) and gather your players! Once your players are at the stalls, armed and ready, pull the switch between the loot room doors and everything is automated from there. When the game is over and a winner has been declared, turn the switch back off to reset the game and start a fresh one! If you would like to increase the number of points required to win, go to each stall and adjust the counter to the score you wish as the goal “set passthrough”.  Occasionally when you paste down the range the counters that keep score will show 1, but it is still counted as zero and when a player takes down their first target it remains at one. That is a game glitch, but usually if you undo and repaste the second one will have all zeros.



Let your players battle it out in this Colosseum! Great for Prim and Pistol PVP battles (also works for larger weapons but a bit small for it). Most aspects of this have been streamlined and automated for the server owner's convenience. Just sit back on the throne, press a few buttons and watch the chaos unfold. Just the push of a button starts the fight, anyone who refuses to leave the cells will be met with an unkind surprise! Once a winner has been chosen he can be granted his freedom with the touch of a button, and you can flip a switch “special prize” for them to be met with an unfortunate fate when they pass through the doors to “freedom”. 


Using the Colosseum: Paste down the colosseum, and head up to the throne room (can’t miss it). There are 2 buttons and 2 switches in the throne/control room. The first switch on the left as you look behind the throne (all switches and buttons are also labeled) is to turn on the radio and laser show. The second on the right is the switch that determines if the winner gets met with an autoturret when they leave the arena, leave off if you want the winner to live. As you sit on your throne, you will see a button on the left and a button on the right. The button on the right starts the fight, opening all cell doors. After a winner has been decided, press the button on the left to open both doors allowing the prisoner to exit the arena. If you turned the special prize on once through the exit both doors will slam shut and the garage door with a turret behind it will open. 

There is a little setup ahead of time, as you will need to add the weapons/kits to the lockers that you want the contestants to use, and make sure to include a bed in the locker for them to put down for respawns if you wish. Only the cells with door controllers and the clear skinned garage doors in front of the seating are locked, you will need to add any further locks you wish.  Make sure to set stability to "false" in copy paste for this build, as the spiral stairs like to collapse when pasted.


20 Stage 10 Minute Fireworks 

Just paste, pull the switch in the cage and watch it work! 20 stages, lasts a full ten minute vanilla night!  


9 Stage 5 Minute Fireworks 

Great for servers with shortened 5 minute nights! Throw it down, pull the switch in the middle of the display and watch it work! 


5 Stage 3 Minute Fireworks 

Great for when you just want a quick show as a celebration. Paste it down and press the red button at the end of the pier! 


5 Stage Lantern Launcher 

So this was a better idea in my head then in practice. It works as intended, but has some limitations/drawbacks and was just left in as a novelty for you to play with. Throw it down and pull the switch as soon as you do. Lanterns start despawning after 2 minutes, so it needs to be activated with 30 seconds of setting it down (that being it’s main drawback). Super pretty at night! 

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