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About 10 Raidable Bases - TeamBunny Pack #1

Pack of 10 Raidable Bases rated on a five tier raidable bases model on our Rust server.

1x Easy Raid Base

2x Medium Raid Base

3x Hard Raid Base

3x Expert Raid Base

1x Nightmare Raid Base

made by Team Bunny 🐰

All bases were initially built without stability and are still used that way - dont know how they work with stability enabled.

All bases made by us fit into a  17x17x15  raid base bubble.

All bases were made to be used with a raid base plugin, and as that are also used on our Rust server.

All bases includes loot boxes, turrets, shotgun traps, and some bonus items too - depending on a raid tier.
If there are turrets in bases, they are all without a gun - as the plugin take care of it. 



Come visit  " Tims Place 10x PVE "  Rust server and try out our raids! 🐷


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