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About Hard Raid Base - TeamBunny #15

This raid base is rated as Hard on a five tier raidable bases model on our Rust server.

made by Team Bunny 🐰

All bases were initially built without stability and are still used that way - dont know how they work with stability enabled.

All bases made by us fit into a  17x17x15  raid base bubble.

All bases were made to be used with a raid base plugin, and as that are also used on our Rust server.

All bases includes loot boxes, turrets, shotgun traps, and some bonus items too - depending on a raid tier.
If there are turrets in bases, they are all without a gun - as the plugin take care of it. 



Come visit  " Tims Place 10x PVE "  Rust server and try out our raids! 🐷


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