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Found 1 result

  1. Goblox


    Version 1.1.9


    AgileZones will create and remove ZoneManager zones around Player Bases as well as moving points of interest like CargoShip, Supply Drops, Bradley, Tugboats, and Heli-Crash sites. Great care has been taken to ensure the plugin does not impact server performance and that Zones are consistent even after server-crashes. It's your choice to use TruePVE (default) or NextGenPVE to tailor what happens inside and outside of the zones. Add the ZoneManagerAutoZones plugin to generate ZoneManager zones around monuments and you've got a server-enforced hybrid PVP/PVE world. Add the ZoneDomes plugin for optional visible domes. Demo You should be able to find a demo server by searching modded servers for "AgileZones". Be sure to "Show Empty" servers. Default Configuration { "Enable TruePVE": true, "Enable NextGenPVE": false, "Enable ZoneDomes": true, "Enable ZoneDomes For TCs": false, "Enable ZoneDomes For SupplyDrops": true, "Enable ZoneDomes For Cargo": true, "Enable ZoneDomes For HeliCrash": true, "Enable ZoneDomes For BradleyAPC": true, "Enable ZoneDomes For Tugboats": false, "Visible Domes for Moving Zones Darkness (Default 1)": 1, "Delay creating a zone after placing a TC in seconds": 600.0, "Delay removing a zone after a TC is destroyed": 900.0, "TC Zone Radius in meters - set zero to disable": 50, "TC RuleSet": "exclude", "TC Zone Flags": null, "CargoShip Zone Radius in meters - set zero to disable": 125, "Cargo RuleSet": "exclude", "Cargo Zone Flags": null, "SupplyDrop Zone Radius in meters - set zero to disable": 50, "SupplyDrop RuleSet": "exclude", "Supply Drop Zone Flags": null, "Apc Zone Radius in meters - set zero to disable": 50, "Apc RuleSet": "exclude", "Apc Zone Flags": null, "HeliCrash Zone Radius in meters - set zero to disable": 50, "Heli RuleSet": "exclude", "Heli Zone Flags": null, "Tugboats Zone Radius in meters - set zero to disable": 50, "Tugboats RuleSet": "exclude", "Tugboats Zone Flags": null, "Entering Zone Message": "WARNING: You are now entering a PVP Zone", "Leaving Zone Message": "Leaving a PVP Zone" } I recommend changing ZoneDomes Darkness to 1 (down from 5 by default) as well. Installation: Just Drop the .cs file into the oxide/plugins directory/folder. AgileZones can be installed on existing servers as easily as a fresh wipe, at any time. Existing Bases, SupplyDrops, CargoShips, Bradley, even Heli Crashsites will be handled and have zones created, no restart required. A config file will be generated in oxide/config where you can modify the default configuration. There is a caveat regarding config: Zones for bases (that have already been built) will not be reinitialized to account for your config changes. New TCs placed after the change will reflect your change. This means that if you drop the plugin onto a server for the first time, it will be loaded, create the default configuration .json file, and build zones for all of the existing bases using those default settings. If you wanted a different zone radius, or to enable the ZoneDome visualization (which is disabled by default so that player bases are less visible), you would need to have the configuration file in-place first. For now, if you plan to install AgileZones onto an existing wipe and you don't want to use the default configuration, Copy the above config, and make an 'AgileZones.json' file in oxide/config, make sure it's there before you install the plugin itself. Alternatively you can delete the zone_data.json, zonedomes_data.json, and restart the server, or reload the zone-related plugins, and everything will be rebuilt using your new parameters. Future: This started as a 2 hour proof of concept for player-added PVP zones around TCs and ended up featuring-creeping it's way into weeks of work. There are still some things I'd like to add, but I wanted to get it out there, I hope this is a huge improvement for hybrid PVP servers. TODO: For now, you must modify the oxide/config/AgileZones.json file and reload the plugin. RCON Command: oxide.reload AgileZones ZoneManager doesn't handle overlapping zones very well; you'll receive a notification for each zone you leave which might be confusing when you are still inside a PVP zone. I'd like to improve on this and some other issues with ZoneManager. I didn't realize the ZoneManager license allowed for branching; I wouldn't have jumped through some of the hoops had I known.


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