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About Radartruck

Here i gift you a small prefab of a Radartruck with some basic loots. It is inspired by a cold war radar truck from russian army. 🙂 There is a normal crate spawner, a toolbox spawner and 3 carparts spawners as shown in the pictures. 

There is Biome, Splat and topology included in the .zip file. 

I recommend using it on roadsides for the players to see it easily. 🙂 

Be shure to use oxide AND rustedit plugin on your server correctly and klick break prefab after you placed it for the loot to spawn proper. 🙂 

Hope you enjoy. 😉 

keep me informed if there is something wrong after updates on rust or rustedit. The last time they did the awnings disappeared and i fixed it on the fly. 😄 

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