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[RP] Buildable "Umgebinde" House 1.0.0

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About [RP] Buildable "Umgebinde" House

hey there,

here you can get a detailed house that is called "umgebinde" house (The english translation from the google translator would be half timbered house). This type of house was traditionaly build in germany. Today you can still find it in east germany (specially Lusatia), parts of poland (Silesia) and the Czech Republic (Bohemia). These houses were for living and craft purposes at the same time. People had a small craftshop in there and lived the other parts of it. This type of houses is still build today, if you have the money to pay the specialised workers and planers for. 😉 🙂 


This prefab's core is fully buildable on 3 floors (ground floor, first floor and top floor). The guidance to do so can be found in the screenshots i submitted for the file. You might also safe these and give them to your players so they're able to set up there base easily. 

The Set contains a buildable version and also a "static" one that is locked and has non transparent windows. You can use the static version to fill up your map with life and close gaps etc...

Add the prefab to your map in rust edit where you want it to be, create a plain space that fits the house and your needs, align the prefab to your plain so that the stone foundation is still visible, apply the different masks that are included in both versions of the prefab and then click "break prefab" in rust edit. 


As always use the latest oxide AND rust edit extensions on your server to avoid troubles on using the prefab. 


If you have trouble on using the prefab please contact me, i'll do my best to help you. 



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