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Boat Docks 1.0.1

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About Boat Docks

Introducing our versatile Boat Dock, designed to accommodate a range of watercraft, from sleek RIBs to nimble small boats, and sturdy TugBoats. Whether you're a recreational boater seeking a spot to park your weekend cruiser or a commercial operator needing a reliable berth for your TugBoat, our Boat Dock provides the perfect solution. There is also a fish exchange on the BoatDock that you can get some scrap for the fish that you caught out at sea. 

- Installation -

1. Retrieve the .zip file from Codefling.
2. Extract the contents of the folder.
3. Transfer the BoatDocks folder to the CustomPrefab directory within your RustEdit.
4. Done!
5. To access the prefabs in the custom section of the prefab browser.

- Included -

- Prefabs -
	1. BoatDockTugBoat.prefab
	2. BoatDockTugBoatSnowy.prefab
	3. DockWithSmallBoats.prefab
	4. DockWithSmallBoatsSnowy.prefab
- Features -
	1. Fish Exchange
	2. Poker Table
	3. Recycler
	4. Locker
	5. Loot Spawns

- Support -

RustForge is a Discord server dedicated to aiding both novice and seasoned server owners, as well as plugin developers. If you require assistance with any of my plugins or prefabs, I strongly advise joining the server to receive support. RustForge Invite


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