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Zone Leaderboard 1.0.0

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About Zone Leaderboard


Zone Leaderboard is a plugin that is directed towards PVP zone servers. It displays a KDR scoreboard for players within the specified zone (see config below for details) using ZoneManager by k1lly0u. Other than the GUI element itself, the entire leaderboard is customizable, with Top 10 or Top 5 boards, sorting by most kills, deaths, or the ratio of both, weather to include offline players, as well as include suicides or not. 



You can enable or disable the leaderboard (in the zone) with the command /leaderboard or /lb and "on" or "off" parameters. (Ex: /lb on)



  "General Options": {
    "Combat Zone ID": "<ZoneManager ID>",
    "Leaderboard Type (Top 10 or Top 5)": "Top 10",
    "Sort By (Kills, Deaths, or Ratio)": "Kills",
    "Include Offline Players": "true",
    "Include Suicides": "true"


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