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Skin Presets 1.2.4

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About Skin Presets

NOTICE: Only one of the dependencies is required, you DO NOT need to install both. If using Misticos' skins plugin please see: Skins hook fix


Are you tired of going out pvping all day, only to come back to a base with mismatched sets and gear? Do you have a certain set that you really like and want to use without the hassle of skinning each item?

This is for you then.


This plugin integrates with misticos' FREE skin plugin, as well as SkinBox to save each player's preferences. (Only install one)

You can allow a player to skin an item once, and have it be automatically skinned when they craft the item the next time!


The easiest way to use this plugin is through the new button shown in compatible item containers (such as lockers, boxes, coffins, etc.)


With these saved preferences, you can also allow a user to run a command while looking at ANY container (within building privilege of course!) and skin each item in the target inventory!

There is an option to automatically skin items in a container when the player opens it. This is off by default.


This fixes those boxes of ugly and randomly skinned items that you accrue from pvp, and allows you to go out and roam with a fresh fit every time.

Here's a demonstration: (New video showcasing the button system will be out shortly)


  • skinpreset.use (Base permission)
  • skinpreset.command (Allows use of /sc)
  • skinpreset.crafted (Automatic skinning of crafted items)
  • skinpreset.button (Allows usage of the skin plugin, it will be hidden if the player lacks this permission)
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