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ServerSync 0.0.8

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About ServerSync


This plugin takes server synchronization to the next level! You can sync your permissions and groups from a master server, without having to worry about players not getting ranks or permissions on another server in your network.


The plugin needs to have one master server. Only enable the "Set Server As Master" option in the config file for one of your servers. Once the server is set as master, any changes made on that master server will be uploaded/removed from the database. This is useful so that if you're running a Tip4Serv or Tebex store, you only have to execute that command on one server and not all of them.

Highly suggest that you enable all the sync settings, however in some edge cases, you should disable the "Sync on Server Quit/Stop" if you have a massive amount of permissions and groups and users. Currently working on this functionality right now and improving performance.

This plugin will only support a MySQL database.


  • ss.servercheck - Checks the status of the master/slave mode
  • ss.uploadgroups - Uploads all groups and group permissions into the database. This also uploads the title, rank, and parent of the groups.
  • ss.uploadplayers - Uploads all players and player permissions into the database.
  • ss.uploadall - Uploads groups and players
  • ss.downloadgroups - Downloads all groups and group permissions from the database. This also downloads the title, rank, and parent of the groups.
  • ss.downloadplayers - Downloads all players and player permissions into the database.
  • ss.downloadall - Downloads all groups and players
  • ss.wipedata - Clears the database of all data
  • ss.wipedata <table> - Wipes the specific table's data. The allowed values are:
    • serversync_groups
    • serversync_group_permissions
    • serversync_players
    • serversync_player_groups
    • serversync_player_permissions



  "Debug Settings": {
    "Debug Enabled?": "false",
    "Enable Verbose Debugging? (READ DOCUMENTATION FIRST!)": "false"
  "Plugin Settings": {
    "Enable logging => logs/PermissionSync (true / false)": "true",
    "Chat Prefix": "<color=#e67e22>[PermissionSync]</color> ",
    "Set this server as the MASTER server? (Only One Server Should Be Set As MASTER)": "true"
  "Sync Settings": {
    "Enable Automatic Sync?": "true",
    "Sync on Server Start?": "true",
    "Sync on Server Quit/Stop?": "true",
    "Sync Groups?": "true",
    "Sync Group Permissions?": "true",
    "Sync Players?": "true",
    "Sync Player Groups?": "true",
    "Sync Player Permissions?": "true"
  "MySQL Settings": {
    "IP Address": "",
    "Port": "3306",
    "Database Name": "DatabaseName",
    "Username": "username",
    "Password": "password"


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