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Selective Commands 1.0.4

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About Selective Commands


First Join and Command triggered multi commands executor with delayed start and duration for any commands needed.

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Option 1:
When a player joins and spawns in, if you have a set command with isNewPlayer set to true, it will run after the set delay time (Seconds).
If there is a set command for endCommand (OPTIONAL) it will then run that command and theDuration to run the command the amount of time after the initial command.

Option 2:
You can set commands from other plugins to be run by staff/players using the "runcmd <commandName> <player/id>" if <player/id> is omitted will run on self.  this avoids the need to give players individual permissions for other plugins. For example you can use "/runcmd god" and if you have the GODMODE plugin the player would be set to GODMODE, if you have a duration of 30.0 set the endCommand set to "god player", it would automatically be run after 30 seconds. You as the server owner can set any commands that can be run through console and configure durations of the commands for you staff/players. Sky is the limit for this.



Option 3:

Example isNewPlayer set to true:

  • Player joins/spawns, command set to "say hi {player}" theDelay set to 10 with a endCommand set to "good bye {player}" and theDuration set to 15.
  • "SERVER hi CupsOhJoe" would run 10 seconds after player joins then waits 15 seconds to run the "SERVER good bye CupsOhJoe". If there are more commands it will run until all are completed. (TIP: Add theDelay + theDuration to get the time needed for the next Command unless you want to run multiple commands at once)


Example Config:

  "exists": true,
  "TheCommands": [
      "commandName": "Command1", //Commnad Identifier
      "enabled": true, //Should this command be run
      "isNewPlayer": false, //is this command to be run only on a new player join
      "singleCast": true, //Will be able to be run using the /runcmd <command> format
      "theCommand": "this command run at 5 seconds", //First Command to run after a certain delay
      "endCommand": "this command runs 10 after the above command", //Command to be run after a certain duration (OPTIONAL)
      "theDelay": 0.0, //Will run instantly when using /runcmd <commandName>
      "theDuration": 5.0 //amount of time to run before the end command is run 
      "commandName": "Command2",
      "enabled": true,
      "isNewPlayer": false,
      "singleCast": true, //Will be able to be run using the /runcmd <command> format      
      "theCommand": "this command runs at 10 seconds as well",
      "endCommand": "", //Will not run if empty
      "theDelay": 10.0,
      "theDuration": 5.0
      "commandName": "Command3",
      "enabled": true,
      "isNewPlayer": true, //Will execute onPlayerSpawn
      "singleCast": false, //Will not be run using the /runcmd <command> format
      "theCommand": "this command runs at 15 seconds as for new players only",
      "endCommand": "This command runs 5 seconds after the above command",
      "theDelay": 15.0,
      "theDuration": 5.0
    }  ]


runcmd <commandName> "optional" <player/id>- Execute commandName from config, with optional endCommand if set

FirstCommand.use - Allows the ability to run the individual commands (Only one command at a time)
FirstCommand.admin - Allows the ability to run all commands in sequence (At Once)
FirstCommand.multi - Same as above but will allow to run all commands set with isNewPlayer = true only

Planned features:
Placeholder API support

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