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Rogue 1.0.23

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About Rogue

Rogue adds a bounty on a player's head based on certain illegal actions.


Rogue points are basically the amount of time until rogue is over. Rogue points will decrease by 1 every second.


rogue.use - Allows a player to go rogue via the command

rogue.bypass - Allows a player to bypass rogue kill, steal and pick events.


/rogue - Activates rogue


Rogue Activators

  • Pick - When a player picks a hackable crate (pick meaning skip the crate timer) 
  • Kill - Once a player kills someone
  • Command - On command execution (/rogue)
  • Steal - When a player steals from another player's container


Steal Containers

Within the configuration you will need to specify the shortname of a container that will make the player go rogue.



  "General Settings": {
    "Rogue command": "rogue",
    "Use Permission": "rogue.use",
    "Bypass Permission": "rogue.bypass"
  "Chat Settings": {
    "Chat Icon (Steam ID)": 0,
    "Chat Prefix": "ROGUE:",
    "Chat Prefix Colour": "#fcc253"
  "Rogue Settings": {
    "Rogue Picking": {
      "Enable hackable crate picking": true,
      "Rogue points on first pick": 180,
      "Extra rogue points on additional picks": 180
    "Rogue Steal": {
      "Go rogue if player steals loot": true,
      "Rogue steal activation list": [
      "Rogue points on first steal": 240,
      "Extra rogue points on additional steals": 300
    "Rogue Kill": {
      "Go rogue if a player kills someone": false,
      "Rogue points on first kill": 300,
      "Extra rogue points on additional kills": 300
    "Rogue Command": {
      "Go rogue if player types the command": true,
      "Rogue points on first command": 60
    "Show rogue player on map": false,
    "Override TruePVE": true,
    "Alert/show on map vicinity (how far a player can see the rogue player on the map or not, in meters, put -1 for whole map)": 0
  "Reward Settings": {
    "Economics to give on rogue end": "{rogueAlive}",
    "Loot increase percentage": 0



  "Info.RogueStarted": " Rogue player detected... Marking coordinates.",
  "Info.RogueEnd": "A rogue player has disappeared...",
  "Info.ObtainedPoints": "You have obtained {points} rogue points",
  "Info.RoguePlayerKilled": "{player}, rogue player has been killed",
  "Info.RoguePlayerEndReward": "You have obtained {economicsAmount} economics",
  "Info.HasRoguePermission": "You have the bypass permission, you are protected from going rogue!",
  "Warning.AlreadyRogue": "Rogue execution failed... You cannot extend rogue time with the command.",
  "Error.NoCommand": "Execution failed for {commandName}",
  "Error.NoPermission": "You have no permission to execute {commandName}"


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