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Quest Journal 1.0.3

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About Quest Journal

QuestJournal is a robust and flexible plugin designed to add a quest journal functionality to your Rust server.
It provides server administrators and moderators with an unparalleled tool to boost player engagement and enrich gameplay.

The plugin uses an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) to display customized quest messages to players based on their specific permissions.
It allows for the provision of quest cues, tutorial messages, server announcements, or any other information in a clear, attractive manner.

What's new:

+ Live view refresh when the menu is open (The latter will refresh when player permissions change)

+ Fixed a bug related to the close button

+ Addition via the config file of an option per message (allows to display the % of repair of an object, it is not necessary to configure it if not necessary).
This system is an addition to work with my next plugin which EpicQuests.

+ Graphic menu redesign


Upon plugin installation, players can access their quest journal using the /journal command. Depending on their permissions, they will see a list of customized messages in a carefully crafted user interface.

Admins can add customized messages via the plugin's configuration. Each message is linked to a permission, and only the players withthat permission will see the corresponding message.

The plugin supports message pagination, with players being able to navigate through message pages using 'previous' and 'next' buttons. Players can close the journal at any point using the 'close' button.

In summary, the QuestJournal plugin for Rust is a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance player engagement on their server.

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