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First Connect Permission 1.0.3

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About First Connect Permission

FirstConnectPermission is an essential plugin for your Rust server that automatically assigns specific permissions to new players upon their first connection.
It offers flexibility to configure permissions and their duration, and can also display custom welcome messages.

Here's how it works:

Permission Assignment:
When a new player connects for the first time, the plugin checks the list of permissions defined in the configuration file.
These permissions are then assigned to the player. You can define as many permissions as you want in the configuration file.

Example of permission configuration:

"PermissionName": "firstconnectpermission.start",
"Duration": 0

In this example, the permission "firstconnectpermission.start" is assigned to new players for a duration of 3600 seconds (1 hour).
You can replace "firstconnectpermission.start" with any valid permission from your server.

Permission Duration:
You can set a specific duration for each permission in the configuration file. The duration is set in seconds. If you set the duration to 0, the permission will be permanently assigned to the player.
Welcome Messages:
The plugin can also display a custom welcome message to new players. You can enable or disable this feature and customize the welcome message in the configuration file.
You can configure the plugin to announce the arrival of new players to all players connected to the server.

FirstConnectPermission is a powerful tool to enhance the experience of new players on your server.
It's easy to configure and use, and offers great flexibility to customize permissions and welcome messages


Coming up:

Adding the ability to manage groups directly, with or without a timer.


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