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Prison 1.0.7

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About Prison

This Plugin based on Roleplay sends player to a specified prison location for a specific amount of time.

A timer will run down and frees the players automatically by teleporting them to a specified liberation point.

While in prison players cant kill themselves. The inventory as well as the clothing container and the hot bar are locked

so that it is impossible to shoot or drop things while in prison.

A nice UI displays every player which is available on the server to send to the prison.

This UI includes a inputfield in order to set the time in minutes a player has to be in the prison.

LockMeUp plugin is supported to avoid abusing. If true in config this plugin will check if the player you are about to send to prison is handcuffed or not.

If not the player cant be send to Jail. This only workes if you have the plugin LockMeUp on your server installed. If parameter is false, standart configuration, then players

can be send without handcuffing. So you dont need LockMeUp if you do not want to buy or have it. This Plugins workes great without it.

If you have any suggestions or questions let me know and join my Discord

Discord: https://discord.gg/5DDvvgyzsG

Showcase video

New Showcase Video in Production because plugin has changes since last video



prison.use - gives players the ability to send players to prison and to use all commands for this plugin


Chat Commands

/jail - opens the UI to send players to jail

/setjail (name of jail) (name of liberation point) - sets a specific jail cell at the location you are standing and the associated liberation point (important!!! liberartion point has to be set first for this to work)

/setfree (name of liberation point) - sets a specified liberation point. Required to free players from the prison cell (important!!! required. you can set multiple liberation points)

/getjail - displays a list of all jail names in the chat

/deljail all - deletes all prison cells you have created including the liberation point

/deljail [name of cell] - deletes just the specified prison cell

/freejail [prison cell name] - frees players from the specified prison cell if you wanna free them before the timer hits zero or if you accidentally set the timer to high

/getliberation - returns a list of all liberation points in the chat

/delliberation (all) - delets all liberation points and all the jail cells associated to them

/delliberation (name of liberation point) - delets the specified liberation point and all the jail cells associated to it


Lang Files

German and Englisch translation included


  "Use_LockMeUp_Only_Send_To_Jail_If_Player_Handcuffed": true


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