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Police 1.0.4

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About Police

About Police

This Plugin is all about Roleplay. Once installed it gives you the opportunity to have a police presence on your server.

It allows Players with permission to change their status to either "on duty" or "off duty".

Everybody on the server is able to see if the police is active on the server and even how many officers currently play through a little panel on the top right.

This plugin also includes an automtic payment system for paying the police officer for minutes he/she was on duty

This plugin is expandable in many ways for example, if you own the plugin StoreRobbery it can be used to only make StoreRobbery work

if the police is active and disable it if the police is inactive and much more.

If you purchase this plugin you are getting full support for any upcoming changes and if you like to have this plugin combined with for example the StoreRobbery

just message me private or on discord an i will make this happen for you.

Discord name: Janny#7603


Position of the Panel is not adjustable through the config. If you like a different position message me and i will change it for you if you dont know how to in the code.

Feel free to contact me any time for plugin customisation.



police.use - allows you to use the commands for on and off duty

Chat Commands

/pd - only for players with permission police.use. Sets your status to "on duty" and changes the panel to police active

/pde - only for players with permission police.use. Sets your status to "off duty" and changes the panel

/police - available for every player on the server. Give you information (names) about all police officers currently on duty.

Lang Files

German and Englisch translation included

Config file

  "Salary_Timer_in_Minutes": 60,
  "Salary_Item": "scrap",
  "Salary_Ammount": 100,
  "Use_Salary_System": true
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