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Oxidation's Smelting Controller 1.4.6


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About Oxidation's Smelting Controller

The best smelting plugin you will find, guaranteed.
Still using Quick/Power Smelt ? Well.. let me welcome you to 2022.
This plugin takes advantage of all the new Oxide features in order to deliver the most lean oven/furnace multiplier.

No burnt meat, guaranteed™.

Straightforward configuration, let's make our large furnaces x5 and refineries x2 but keep small furnaces vanilla:

  "Ovens": {
    "furnace.large": {
      "Multiplier": 5
    "furnace": {
      "Multiplier": 1
    "refinery_small_deployed": {
      "Multiplier": 2


Yeah.. all smelting plugins can do that you said ? Fair enough..
How about changing the cook time (in seconds) per item type ?
In this example we set the hq.metal.ore cook time to every furnace tick (0.5 is the fastest you can set it).

  "Products": {
    "hq.metal.ore": {
      "CookTime": 0.5,
      "Amount": 1
    "metal.ore": {
      "CookTime": 10.0,
      "Amount": 1
    "sulfur.ore": {
      "CookTime": 1.0,
      "Amount": 1


Still not impressed ?
What if you'd like one metal.ore to give you 5 metal frags instead of the default 1:1 ratio ? Easy.. grab my beer.

    "metal.ore": {
      "CookTime": 10.0,
      "Amount": 5



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