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About NoSleeperZone

It's very simple, it checks key monuments around the game for sleepers and after a certain time "removes" them.




Loot Drop: Toggle the option to drop a sleeper's loot on removal (default: true).

Monument-Specific Settings: Enable/disable checks and set specific radii.

Monument Sleeper Check Interval: Define how frequently the plugin checks for sleepers near monuments (default: 1 minute).

Sleeper Removal Grace Period: Set the grace period before removing a sleeper (default: 15 minutes).


  "LootDrop": true,
  "MonumentRadiusAdjustment": {
    "Bandit Camp": 130.0,
    "Fishing Village": 60.0,
    "Large Barn": 70.0,
    "Large Fishing Village": 50.0,
    "Launch Site": 270.0,
    "Outpost": 130.0,
    "Ranch": 60.0
  "MonumentSleeperCheck": {
    "Bandit Camp": true,
    "Fishing Village": true,
    "Large Barn": true,
    "Large Fishing Village": true,
    "Launch Site": true,
    "Outpost": true,
    "Ranch": true
  "MonumentSleeperCheckIntervalMinutes": 1,
  "SleeperRemovalGracePeriodMinutes": 15


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