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About NoSleeperZone

NoSleeperZone is a Rust plugin designed to enhance server management and gameplay experience. This plugin introduces a system for managing sleepers (inactive players) around key monuments in the game. It is specifically tailored for server administrators seeking to maintain a high performing, active and engaging environment within their Rust servers.


Key Features

Automated Sleeper Checks: The plugin periodically checks for sleepers near monuments and acts based on configurable parameters.

Sleeper Removal System: Safely removes inactive players sleeping for too long near important monuments, with a notification in server console.

Loot Drop: Choose whether to drop the sleeper's loot upon removal.

Customizable Monument Checks: Configure specific monuments for sleeper checks, including: Bandit Camp, Fishing Village, Large Barn, Large Fishing Village, Launch Site, Outpost, and Ranch.

Adjustable Radii: Define unique radii for sleeper checks around each monument.

Standalone Functionality: Operates independently without relying on any other plugins, ensuring easy integration.



Loot Drop: Toggle the option to drop a sleeper's loot on removal (default: true).

Monument-Specific Settings: Enable/disable checks and set specific radii.

Monument Sleeper Check Interval: Define how frequently the plugin checks for sleepers near monuments (default: 1 minute).

Sleeper Removal Grace Period: Set the grace period before removing a sleeper (default: 15 minutes).


  "LootDrop": true,
  "MonumentRadiusAdjustment": {
    "Bandit Camp": 130.0,
    "Fishing Village": 60.0,
    "Large Barn": 70.0,
    "Large Fishing Village": 50.0,
    "Launch Site": 270.0,
    "Outpost": 130.0,
    "Ranch": 60.0
  "MonumentSleeperCheck": {
    "Bandit Camp": true,
    "Fishing Village": true,
    "Large Barn": true,
    "Large Fishing Village": true,
    "Launch Site": true,
    "Outpost": true,
    "Ranch": true
  "MonumentSleeperCheckIntervalMinutes": 1,
  "SleeperRemovalGracePeriodMinutes": 15



Future Updates and Optimizations

Keep an eye out for future updates as this plugin is continuously enhanced. Additional features and optimizations are likely to be included over time, especially as more feedback and requests are received from users. These enhancements will focus on improving functionality, performance, and overall user experience.

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