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NameYourHorse 1.2.0

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About NameYourHorse

Allows your players yo personalize their horses by naming them and displaying these names by sitting on the horse or using a command. This plugin fosters a deeper connection between players and their horses. Players often already get quite attached and like to call there horses names so this adds a nice little touch. 

Tired of players not knowing whos horse is who's? Do you want to know if that's really the stolen horse your looking for? This is the solution.


 Installation and Setup:
1. Permissions
   - nameyourhorse.use:
Allows players to name their horses.
   - nameyourhorse.rename: Allows players to rename horses already named.

2. Commands
/namehorse <name> - Names the horse the player is looking at with the specified name.
/checkname  - The /checkname command allows players to check the name of the horse they are currently looking at. This is useful for identifying horses, especially if multiple horses are present or if a player wants to confirm the name of their horse (Great for police).

 How It Works:
 Players use the `/namehorse` command to name horses they are looking at. If a horse is already named, players will need the `nameyourhorse.rename` permission to rename it.

 Example Usage:
- A player with the `nameyourhorse.use` permission looks at their horse and types `/namehorse Shadowfrax`. The horse is now named Shadowfrax, and the name will be visible in the UI panel.

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