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MgPanel (easy customizable) 1.0.1

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About MgPanel (easy customizable)

Easily customizable, multifunctional panel.
• Displaying the server logo,
• 3 modes that change by clicking on the logo (see screenshots),
• Display of any server information (pictures, text, name, events, balance),
• Adding UI buttons to interact with the server and other plugins,
• Tips function (when you click on the button, you can set up tips in the form of a panel with a title and text after, after clicking on the "OK" button, the plugin menu from the button will open)
• Easy and very flexible setup!


Functionality of the elements ("Element function" parameter in the information setting ""):
"Online" - displays online servers
"Sleepers" - displays the number of sleepers
"Time" - displays game time
"Queue" - displays the players in the server queue
"Balance" - displays the balance of the player who opened the panel (do not forget to set the parameter "Economic Integration")

If you have ideas on how to improve the functionality, then put 5 stars and write in the discussions ❤️


  "Interface customization": {
    "Logo button": {
      "Anchors": "0 1",
      "OffsetMin": "0 -54",
      "OffsetMax": "54 0",
      "LOGO IMAGE": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/Logo.png"
    "Layer one (panel with information)": {
      "Panel component settings": {
        "Customizing the top of the panel": {
          "Event panel settings": {
            "Helicopter Picture": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/heli.png",
            "Picture of cargo": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/cargo.png",
            "Picture of a tank": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/tank.png",
            "Chinook's picture": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/cheenook.png",
            "Active event color": "#c6f725",
            "Сolor of inactive event": "#ffffff"
          "Inscription on the panel (label)": "MgPanel",
          "Label Text Color": "#ffffff",
          "Label font size": 18,
          "Color Stripe": "#ffffff",
          "Include a strip between blocks of information?": true
        "Setting the bottom of the panel (online sleepers, etc.)": [
            "Element function": "Online",
            "Picture": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/online.png",
            "Color picture": "#ffffff",
            "Text color": "#ffffff",
            "Text size": 17,
            "Element length": 55
            "Element function": "Sleepers",
            "Picture": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/ZZZ.png",
            "Color picture": "#ffffff",
            "Text color": "#ffffff",
            "Text size": 17,
            "Element length": 55
            "Element function": "Time",
            "Picture": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/clock.png",
            "Color picture": "#ffffff",
            "Text color": "#ffffff",
            "Text size": 17,
            "Element length": 75
      "Panel anchors (depends on logo position)": "1 0.5",
      "panel`s OffsetMin": "0 -23",
      "OffsetMax of the panel (change the first value to adjust the position of the event indicators)": "195 23"
    "Button Customization": {
      "Hint Setting": {
        "Anchors tooltips (relative to logo)": "1 0",
        "OffsetMin tooltips (relative to logo)": "10 -219",
        "OffsetMax tooltips (relative to logo)": "300 -10",
        "Picture Background": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/window.png",
        "Header Text Color": "#000000",
        "Body text color": "#7e7f85"
      "Buttons": [
          "Picture": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/info.png",
          "Text": "INFO",
          "Executable command": "chat.say /info",
          "Enable tooltip for this button?": false,
          "Tip title text": "",
          "Tip main text": ""
          "Picture": "https://megargan.foxplugins.ru/Image/MgPanel/store.png",
          "Text": "STORE",
          "Executable command": "chat.say /store",
          "Enable tooltip for this button?": true,
          "Tip title text": "SERVER`S SHOP",
          "Tip main text": "To donate you need to go to our website!"
      "Anchors of the top point at the first button": "0.5 0",
      "Button Width": "22"
  "More settings": {
    "Economic Integration": {
      "Use economy plugin?": false,
      "Economy plugin name": "IQEconomic",
      "API Hook for getting balance in int": "API_GET_BALANCE"


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