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ItemEverySecond 1.0.0

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About ItemEverySecond

This plugin gives players random items every second. Players with the permission "itemeverysecond.use" will receive a random item in their inventory at regular intervals. The items are configurable in the plugin's configuration file. If a player's inventory is full, a message will be displayed, and the plugin will attempt to give items in subsequent intervals.


Random item distribution every second.

Configurable list of items in the plugin's configuration file.

Permission system to control which players receive items.

Handling for full inventories, displaying messages and preventing item distribution if the inventory is full.

Configuration: The plugin's configuration file allows server administrators to customize the list of items that can be distributed to players. If the configuration is missing or incomplete, default items will be used.

Usage: Players need the permission "itemeverysecond.use" to receive random items. The items are automatically given every second to eligible players.

Note: Ensure that the plugin is properly installed and configured on the server for it to function as intended. Adjustments can be made to the list of items and other parameters in the configuration file to suit the server's preferences.

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