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Fishing Event 1.5.2


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About Fishing Event

Event which idea was taken from halloween's and easter's hunting. As in original game we collect candies or eggs, that in this case we are catching fishes for which we are getting points. Amount of points are dependent on the type of fish or item we catch. It depens exacly on number of "Bait" that every type of fish has e.g. Sardine has Bait 3 so we get 3 points.


To Do List

- Add Custom Points Config
- Add Command For Changing Plugin Settings.
- Add UI Panel To Changing Settings.
- Add the ability to notify players in chat about an event that will start in more than a minute.



To assign a permission, use 'oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id>'

fishingevent.admin - Allow to using commands.



This plugin provides both chat and console commands using the same syntax. When using a command in chat, prefix it with a forward slash: `/`.

startfe  - starts the countdown to the start of the fishing event.
stopfe   - Ends the event immediately, without giving away any prizes.
finishfe - Ends the event immediately, with giving away any prizes.



  "Time before fishing event": 15,
  "Duration how long event is": 300,
  "Rewards for top 3 players": [
      "ShortName": "scrap",
      "Amount": 50
      "ShortName": "scrap",
      "Amount": 30
      "ShortName": "scrap",
      "Amount": 10
  "Start event sound": "assets/prefabs/deployable/survivalfishtrap/effects/fish_caught.prefab",
  "Finish event sound": "assets/prefabs/deployable/survivalfishtrap/effects/fish-trap-deploy.prefab"

"Time before fishing event": (value)

        Time in seconds for which the fishing event starts.

"Duration how long event is": (value)

        Duration of the fishing event

"Rewards for top 3 players": (list)

        Items that will go to the best anglers.
        The first 'ShortName' and 'Amount' belongs to the best player, each subsequent one is rewards for subsequent places.

        ShortName - The short name of the item.
        Amount - the amount of the received item.

"Start event sound": (text)

        Path to in-game prefab sound. Run when the fishing party begins.
        If it is empty, no sound will play.

"Finish event sound": (text)

        Path to in-game prefab sound. Run after the fishing event is over.
        If it is empty, no sound will play.



@STIVI Plugin tester and release help.

@Flammable Plugin originator and tester.

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