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Crates Event 0.0.1

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About Crates Event

This is a plugin that I made for my server, to bring more PvP into monuments. It will spawn a total of 4 crates inside the monuments that I have setup with offsets, the monuments that are setup are Launch Site, Dome, Water Treatment and Train Yard. Hopeful this will bring more PvP into our server.

How It Works:
It will generate a random number from 1 - 4, depending on the number it lands on is the monument that will be picked:
1 - Launch Site
2 - Dome
3 - Train Yard
4 - Water Treatment
It will then spawn the 4 crates within the offsets I have set. If the plugin is unloaded or the command it called again it will delete the crates before spawning in new ones, so you don't end up with a bunch of crates in one spot.

In order to use the command you need to have the permission - cratesevent.admin
o.grant user [Username / Steam ID] cratesevent.admin
o.grant group [Group Name] cratesevent.admin

If you want the event to start on its own on a timer, I would recommend you a plugin to help you do that.
uMod - Timed Execute by misticos
Go into the TimedExecute.json config and in TimerRepeat add - "startCratesEvent": Timer in seconds

For Example:
"TimerRepeat": {
    "startCratesEvent": 300

This will start the event every 5 minutes.

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