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CodeRaid 1.0.3

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About CodeRaid


A little event for your players!

Make a raffle without hurting anyone and offer the players some entertainment.
The whole thing will be done anonymously in the chat and will only reveal the winner if there is someone who made it to Coderaiding.
To increase the chance of winning. I have included a feedback message to let the player know that they are close to the code.
You can configure this range yourself later in the config. I have set it to 50. You can also define the prices yourself there!


You can start the CodeRaid event with the following command:


Players can guess codes with the following command:

/coderaid 1234 

To start the event, you need the authorization:


After you have successfully started the plugin, you can define everything yourself in /oxide/config/CodeRaid.json!

  "PrizeSettings": {
    "Commands to execute": [
      "addgroup {player_id} vip 7d"
    "Items": [
        "amount": 1,
        "displayName": "Well done, here's a rock",
        "shortname": "rock",
        "skinId": 0
        "amount": 2,
        "displayName": "Door Closer",
        "shortname": "door.closer",
        "skinId": 0
  "ProximityThreshold": 100, // change the proximity of the code
  "wrongGuessDamage": 5 // Change the damage

load, run, enjoy 💝

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