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Building Skin Applier 1.002

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About Building Skin Applier

Allow visitors of your server  to make use of the premium building skins without having to own them.


  • Compact and minimalistic UI.
  • Fully UI Controlled. ( no commands required )
  • Only visible when the player has a hammer in their hands.
  • When the UI is open, Hit a toolbelt hotkey so you can instantly swap to a weapon when being attacked.
  • Create custom themes and let players choose the one they prefer.
  • Apply the building skin to a single block or to all blocks of the same grade in the building.
  • Optional keypress check to apply skins, so that by default the hammer retains its normal functionality. 
  • Optional background blur.



  Toolbar will only be visible once the hammer has been selected, So its not cluttering the screen when its not required to be.



  Selected skin will be colored to make it stand out while the unselected skins are greyed out.



  Automatic  adding  of tabs when a skin is colorable  to keep things  clean  and  minimalistc.



 Create your  own custom  themes  or  modify existing  ones and let players  select  themselves which one they prefer.




buildingskinapplier.use                                 |  Allow players to make use of the plugin.
buildingskinapplier.on_upgrade                  |  Update the skin when a part of the structure gets upgraded.
buildingskinapplier.hammer_apply             |  Update skin on hammer hit.
buildingskinapplier.hammer_contagious    |  Update skin on hammer hit for all objects of the same grade.



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