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About Mr.Bones Casidome

Mr.Bones Welcomes you and all to his new attraction! Casidome!

A Large Scale, Vertical Oriented Outpost/Bandit Replacement Monument for Roleplay, Vanilla and Modded servers alike. All elements built into the three different sections are within rustedit balance, confines, gravity and resources. This monument is also built to be a combination of all the amenities of both Bandit and Outpost but built into the framework of a fully navigable and roleplay-centric structure, but still viable for Vanilla and Modded (2x, 5x etc) servers without adding anything or breaking any game rules or balance.

Included in the Casidome is:

 - 2 blue loot barrel
 - 2 regular loot barrel
 - 7 food trash spawns
 - 1 Workbench Tier 1

 - 3 Recyclers. all spaced out between the three different sections

 - 1 Blueprint Table
 - 2 Repairbenches
 - 1 Airwolf Spawn
 - All the shops from Outposts
 - All the shops from Bandit including Black Market being split between two shops in two locations
 - Big Wheel with 6 seating terminals of various seating
 - Numerous slot machines in key parts of the dome
 - 2 Poker Tables with ambient fireplace setting
 - Various non game impacting roleplay elements, random seating locations, hidden easter eggs, 
 - Flooded underground explorable cave system contained within the dome
- Rising buildings and structures placed atop of the dome themed around the Cyberpunk aesthetic

Different variations coming in the future:
Different versions for all biomes
Vanilla and Non Vanilla variants
Even more optimized frame rate friendly variant 

Come on by and take a tour of Mr Bones Casidome! Don't forget, you're here forever!

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