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Glass Globe Arena 2.0

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About Glass Globe Arena

Zombie Arena/Glass Globe for PVP / PVE Server.

A red card is required to enter the arena (there is also a version without a red card, inside the file).

Inside the Arena, zombies are protected by a variety of

  • Crate Normal 2
  • Crate Normal
  • Elite Crates
  • Loot Barrels.

The outer side of the arena is divided into 2 zones

  • park area
  • technical area.

In the park area there are Food boxes, benches, trees, plants and a swimming pool.

In the technical area there are trains, barrels, containers and several Crate Normal 2

The size of the arena is comparable to the size Trainyard

Prefab  ~ 9500

To install you need a dll file from RusdEdit, the current link is inside the file. For any installation questions, please contact me, I will help.


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