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This product is intended to be used on Rust Maps.

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About Custom Outpost

Bored of the default outpost? want something like these big modded servers with their fancy outposts - Look no further!

This is the default outpost with features added on top. The main intent of use would be on RustMaps.

All Features in this monument:

- Default Outpost Features.
- All Bandit Camp Features.
- 2 Heli Vendors.
- Many Extra Recyclers with seating. (optional)
- Shop Fronts for player trading. (optional)
- Roof Top Gambling area.
- Black Jack section under the helipad.
- Parkour for players to try their luck.
- Made with Performance and Looks in mind.

There is a version without Recycling Seating and Shop Fronts and this product is not intended to be used on Rust Edit unless editing the features.

Join my services discord for more: here

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