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Bundle - Clone SpawPoint - Exagonal City - Little City - Panoramic Tower 1.0.0

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About Bundle - Clone SpawPoint - Exagonal City - Little City - Panoramic Tower

Exagonal City : This city replaces the bandit town and the outpost, everything is concentrated in that area, each entrance is automated with automatic doors, lights and siren that warns the arrival or departure of the players.

Count Prefab : 4262


Clone Respawn Custom

It is a personalized respawn, to concentrate all the players to respawn in one or more places, the idea is that it is not the simple respawn on the beach as always, it is a very small prefab and gives the possibility of telling the player the story or server theme.

Count Prefab : 1009


Little City : 

It is a small city that does the function of outpost and bandit town, but this one, as it does not have vending machines, still needs outpost (soon to be updated with vending machines), the entrance is automated with lights and sirens that announce the entry and exit of players. It also contains 3 spawns to use with the Work Cart plugin and thus have 3 usable trains. The lights that illuminate Little City are autolight, they turn on and off by themselves.

Count Prefab : 1265


Panoramic Tower: this is a very simple porefab, it is designed to stand out and be seen from far away, I use it in the center of my own Exagonal city as a reference so that players know where the center of the map is, but it can be used as standalone monument, for example adding scientificos and loot to them. It has 6 elevators and when we reach the top, we will find a panoramic restaurant. 

Count Prefab : 577

Video : 


I want to thank knockcree for teaching me so many things! Thanks !

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