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Boonie Bears - Logger Vick's Cabin 1.0.0

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About Boonie Bears - Logger Vick's Cabin

Boonie Bears - Logger Vick's Cabin

There are 3 different versions of "Logger Vick's Hut", and you can place different monuments for your server.

1 - Logger Vick's hut safety resource point version (the entry area is a safe area, there are NPCs similar to those in a bandit camp, and there are vending machines, gambling tables, decomposition machines, and a small number of resource boxes in the house)

2 - Ordinary resource point version of Logger Vick’s hut (ordinary resource point monuments, distributed around the hut and guarded by NPCs, there are many resource boxes and decomposers in the house)

3 - A player-buildable version of Logger Vick's hut (a small wooden hut that can be built for players. Foundations can be placed in the house, furnace planting boxes, etc. can be placed in the fence. Players cannot place items or build within 20 meters outside the fence)

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